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Changing Circumstance, Disrupting Habits

Habits are Automatic How much did you today that was simply a repetition of yesterday?  Was your breakfast similar? Maybe it was different but you sat in the same chair or ate it at the same time? What about the order of your morning ablutions? The route you took to work?  The irresistible snack you […]

It’s not Rocket Science: 34 tips to an evidence based life well lived

Confused by conflicting health advice? Not sure if you should cook your kale in coconut oil or sweep it all in the rubbish bin (coconut oil is nice and slippery like that). Well I have some shocking news, it’s acutally not that hard or confusing, there is more agreement and good science than confusion and […]

The problem with science is … not enough sex!

The problem with science is … not enough sex! Fact: Katy Perry has 97 million twitter followers, NASA has 22.8 million.  Science is just not sexy enough … sex sells, science not so much. The problem with science is …  fashion Challenge: Name three living scientists from different fields – how did you do?  What […]