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Book Review: Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall

Penguin 2013, by Kjerstin Gruys, Ph.D What could you go without for a year?  Chocolate? Wine? Sex?  What about mirrors?  That is exactly what Kjerstin Gruys does, a year without mirrors.  This book tells us her story. A touch self-indulgent?  Sure, maybe, when the other ‘go without’ books are usually more along the saving-the-world theme […]

Just for Today: Be Kind to Yourself and Others

Part of my journey in Reiki training is to get in touch with the five principles of Reiki, namely: Just for today: Do not be angry Just for today: Do not worry Just for today: Be kind to yourself and others Just for today: Express ones Gratitude Just for today: Be diligent in work   […]

Chronic Illness and the Search for the Holy Grail.

There comes a point after many moons of doctors tests and a vague incurable, poorly understood diagnosis or six (often with word ‘syndrome’ attached) that we get the Big Dr Shrug (BDS).  The BDS goes like this: well you are not dying, there is nothing seriously wrong, and nothing more I can do, um yeah, […]

Learnings from the Trenches of Illness: It is possible to heal the busyness addiction!

Sometimes there are nuggets of good in the very bad.  There is even the odd bonus in getting sick enough that surviving some days is a triumph. I have cured myself, completely, of the busyness addiction.  How many times have you asked a friend you have not seen for a while “how are you?” only […]

Just For Today: Do not be angry

Part of my journey in Reiki training is to get in touch with the five principles of Reiki, namely: Do not be angry Do not worry Be kind to yourself and others Express ones Gratitude Be diligent in work I read these principles in my Reiki training manual and was like … yeah…yeah …. sure […]

How to change Habits: Take Baby Steps or Go the Whole Hog

Change Habits: Go the Whole Hog

“We form habits and then they form us” Rob Gilbert ….for good and bad.  You could argue we are our habits.  To change we must change our habits; something I am pretty sure we have all tried and failed at numerous times.  I sure have. I have read compelling books on the topic of habit […]

Step Two: Come to Believe

“Come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity” CPA for Anxiety Welcome to Step Two of Chronic Pain/illness Anonymous (CPA), which I am currently “working”. I am not sure I have yet graduated step one: surrender. I am pretty sure I have not. I am changing things up a […]

Step One: Surrender


“We admitted we were powerless over chronic pain and chronic illness – that our lives had become unmanageable” CPA I am working the famous 12 steps.  Yes the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Some of you might be disappointed to know I am ‘working’ it on chronic pain/illness, not booze. Today I am ‘working’ step […]

If You Are Going Through Hell – Keep Going!

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” So said someone terribly Zen like (no-one seems to know or agree quite who). This was a bitter pill for me to try and swallow this month when things in my health story took a turn for the worst. I was already living in a way that I had […]

50 Shades of Inadequacy

Photo by Tiago Muraro

Today I am going to have a rant, while sitting here with my (carefully measured) glass of low alcohol wine. Do join me. Yes drinking alone; I’m just 3 steps away from AA’s own 12 steps. Today I’m not going to give myself a hard time about hitting wine o’clock at 5pm on a Tuesday […]