About Me

Hi! I’m Rachel. Thanks for stopping by.


A little about me ….. I have nearly two decades experience as a management consultant and executive coach.  I am currently putting the final touches on a PhD in Well-being at Work.   I am looking at the link between the vagus nerve and performance at work – using exercise and mindfulness meditations.   I did not realise at the outset that I had stumbled across such fashionable concepts.   The vagus nerve is a bit of a rock star on the web these days …. I have a lot to say about that as you will see in upcoming blogs.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Biology, a Masters in Management in Technology and a diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy.

I also live with multiple chronic illnesses. This experience combined with a stressful corporate job has triggered my interest and research in how the health (or absence) of peoples minds and bodies effects their performance at work and in life.  I am also a parent and partner.

Speaking of parenting – I would like to acknowledge my amazing 11 year old daughter who is the artist behind the wonderful drawings and artwork you see on the site.

Rachel McInnes MMS(tech). BSc